Sunday, January 27, 2013

Three French Hens...........

I do not know about all of you, but I have been having a productive and fabulous weekend!  I have met new friends at a local treasure shop in Nolensville, TN called Three French Hens. It is full of vintage goodness and the owners are friendly and fun. I purchased an old window there and tried my hand at painting with the infamous Maison Blanche Paint in Antique Blue. This is the first time I have painted with chalk paint and absolutely love it. It was so easy and  I even let my eldest daughter Ella (she's 9) paint the second coat.

Ella trying her hand at repurposing:)

It is drying as we speak. Then the Mr. and I rearranged the furniture in the formal dining room and the space looks so much better!  I have to reupholster the dining room chairs and then paint a bookcase (which I am repurposing to go in dining room) to display my beloved brown transferware I am collecting.  It is slow process collecting the china, but if you found it all at once it would take the fun out of it, right?

Also, I have painted another lamp for the master and am painting this cute little horse a friend found at a thrift shop to put on Etsy.  I am hoping to attempt a burlap shade for the master room lamps, but that is going to take some practice :).

I am smiling at myself as I am typing because as I look down my fingers are stained in gray and turquoise paint from all these projects.  Too funny. I better get that off before my "day job" tomorrow:).

I wish you all a wonderful rest of your weekend....enjoy!


Image borrowed from Pinterest.

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