Friday, January 25, 2013

Treasure Hunting .........It's Addictive!

Beginning GVS has been so exciting and I am having too much fun meeting new people, taking classes, brainstorming, and just enjoying this new adventure as a family.  I am struggling with focusing on just one room of our home at a time though.  Every time I go out looking for vintage goodies for my son's room who will be arriving in May, I find items which would be perfect for other areas of the house. I am sure quite a few of you struggle with this to as treasure hunting is so addictive when you are finding fabulous finds and bargains. 

 So after pouring over Miss Mustard Seed's new book I am going to follow her advice and focus......well, I am going to try to slow my creative mind down:)

These are just a few helpful hints she suggests in her book Inspired You......
          1.  Know when a bargain is a bargain.
          2. Take cash and do not spend more then the cash you have major down 
          3. Buy what you love as this is your unique style.
          4. Go prepared with an empty van or truck if you are looking for big items. 
          5. Don't buy things just because they are cheap. If you do not need it, what good is it to waste
               $2 on an item you will never use.
          6. Dress not put on the jewels and pull out the latest LouisVuitton to go junkin' if 
              you are looking for people to come down on the price.
          7.  Don't be afraid to dig and wear old clothes
          8. Make it a family affair and give the kids a few dollars so they can participate in finding 
              vintage goodness too. This also teaches them about budget and honestly my eldest
              daughter is much better at staying on budget then I am. 

A few Pinterest photos I came across today....I love turquoise. don't you?



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  1. Terri here from Joy's United Gift Shop. Love your list! Number three is my favorite. It took me a couple of years to learn that one.... Before I learned it, I'd buy stuff that I knew would sell, but didn't necessarily like. And it would sell, but I never liked the way my area in our shop looked. Now that I have learned that little lesson, I like the my space and things actually seem to sell better. :)

    I love the cabinet in that first picture - simply fabulous.

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.