Sunday, January 27, 2013

Three French Hens...........

I do not know about all of you, but I have been having a productive and fabulous weekend!  I have met new friends at a local treasure shop in Nolensville, TN called Three French Hens. It is full of vintage goodness and the owners are friendly and fun. I purchased an old window there and tried my hand at painting with the infamous Maison Blanche Paint in Antique Blue. This is the first time I have painted with chalk paint and absolutely love it. It was so easy and  I even let my eldest daughter Ella (she's 9) paint the second coat.

Ella trying her hand at repurposing:)

It is drying as we speak. Then the Mr. and I rearranged the furniture in the formal dining room and the space looks so much better!  I have to reupholster the dining room chairs and then paint a bookcase (which I am repurposing to go in dining room) to display my beloved brown transferware I am collecting.  It is slow process collecting the china, but if you found it all at once it would take the fun out of it, right?

Also, I have painted another lamp for the master and am painting this cute little horse a friend found at a thrift shop to put on Etsy.  I am hoping to attempt a burlap shade for the master room lamps, but that is going to take some practice :).

I am smiling at myself as I am typing because as I look down my fingers are stained in gray and turquoise paint from all these projects.  Too funny. I better get that off before my "day job" tomorrow:).

I wish you all a wonderful rest of your weekend....enjoy!


Image borrowed from Pinterest.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Treasure Hunting .........It's Addictive!

Beginning GVS has been so exciting and I am having too much fun meeting new people, taking classes, brainstorming, and just enjoying this new adventure as a family.  I am struggling with focusing on just one room of our home at a time though.  Every time I go out looking for vintage goodies for my son's room who will be arriving in May, I find items which would be perfect for other areas of the house. I am sure quite a few of you struggle with this to as treasure hunting is so addictive when you are finding fabulous finds and bargains. 

 So after pouring over Miss Mustard Seed's new book I am going to follow her advice and focus......well, I am going to try to slow my creative mind down:)

These are just a few helpful hints she suggests in her book Inspired You......
          1.  Know when a bargain is a bargain.
          2. Take cash and do not spend more then the cash you have major down 
          3. Buy what you love as this is your unique style.
          4. Go prepared with an empty van or truck if you are looking for big items. 
          5. Don't buy things just because they are cheap. If you do not need it, what good is it to waste
               $2 on an item you will never use.
          6. Dress not put on the jewels and pull out the latest LouisVuitton to go junkin' if 
              you are looking for people to come down on the price.
          7.  Don't be afraid to dig and wear old clothes
          8. Make it a family affair and give the kids a few dollars so they can participate in finding 
              vintage goodness too. This also teaches them about budget and honestly my eldest
              daughter is much better at staying on budget then I am. 

A few Pinterest photos I came across today....I love turquoise. don't you?



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vintage Bottles Make Me Happy........

Aquamarine Blue Vintage Bottles - Set of 7 Coastal Inspired Wedding

I absolutely love the look of vintage glass bottles, don't you? They provide such a simple elegance to display in a window or even on a mantel.  The way the light shines through the blue and turquoise, especially just makes me happy. These are what I find myself always drawn to when visit my favorite little antique shops searching for vintage goodies. Mercury glass is always an awesome find, as it adds just enough sparkle to your home. Mix and match different sizes, styles, and textures for a unique look.
vintage mercury glass bottles

                                                          Half Pint Vintage Milk Bottle by GreyVintageStyles on Etsy, $9.00

                                                      vintage glass bottles in the window.
Images borrowed from Pinterest except the milk bottle which is available in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Painted Mason Jars

As most of my followers know, I love mason jars and their simplicity. They are very versatile and easy. Also, if one gets broken or knocked over by the children, big deal. They are so inexpensive to replace and that gives me an excuse to try something new with them :).

For this project, I "borrowed" three mason jars from my husband's case of canning jars.  Shhhhh... :).  I then simply flipped them over and pulled out the spray paint. I prefer to use the Rustoleum as it seems to cover better.  The color I happen to have on hand was Heirloom White.


I applied the first coat just to get a good base because if you spray too much it drips. If this happens take a paint brush and blend it out. Make sure you turn them upside when you paint so the paint drips down the jar as it drys

 Then I applied two more coats. Let dry between coats so you can see where you need to add more.

Then I like to finish them off with some twine or jute wrapped around them to complete the look.  They are then ready to put your goodies in them, such as fresh flowers and or even alone to decorate.  I even use mason jars in the middle of the kitchen table for napkins, so if the children need more they can just grab one.    




Thursday, January 17, 2013

Save the World..Buy Vintage

This is one of my favorite sayings and prints I have every purchased. I bought this from Michelle Holmes at Vintage Junky  here in Spring Hill, TN. I love her little shop and it is in my hometown. I try to shop local when I can as I am not a fan of malls or crowds at all.

So when the Mr. and I purchased our home a year ago, her shop was the first I visited to find funky treasures for our new abode.  I saw this in her shop and instantly loved it.

I arranged it with my Mother's vintage copper cookware over our pantry........

I jazzed it up by buying a blank canvas in which I painted the same color as my kitchen. I then used my trusty Rustoleum Heirloom White and painted a frame I have been saving for awhile looking for just the right use.  I mounted the print directly to the canvas with Mod Podge and voila!!! Simple....simple.  It truly is a statement of how I love to repurpose and upcycle vintage items.  I love giving old things new life.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Grey's Room

The Mr. and I are currently working on our baby boy's room, which is who this blog is named after....Grey:). We have chosen to go with a bright surfer style motif,  which we are really excited about.  I am originally from San Diego, California and my husband has loved The Beach Boys and all things California since he was a little boy.

This being said, this is what we have come up with so far. We have found several of our finds at a little store here in Tennessee called 2Storeys Antiques. This has become one of our favorite little shops and the store just makes us happy when we go. The owners are very helpful and kind and Mr and Mrs. Storey have become mentors of mine.

Our first purchase for the nursery was this lovely dresser which was distressed. The Mr. and I immediately fell in love with this piece.  It is the perfect shade of blue in which we both had in mind. It also can be used for a changing table. I am not a fan of changing tables as they usually are unattractive and one does not get much use for them after the baby is grown. We wanted a unique room for this special little boy.

Next we found the perfect bedding online at called Little Surfer Sunshine. It has the perfect colors of aqua, orange, gray, and pear yellow.

We have three more pieces on our list to finish. One is a rocking chair my father gave me years ago.  It was outside for awhile, so we have to refinish it. Second is our daughter's crib which is a natural shade, so we are going to paint it as this is not my style at all. Finally, we found a little cute side table in which little Grey will be able to keep all his little trucks and toys in. We have to repaint that as well and probably will use the same color as the dresser.

To do pieces....


We are also searching for the perfect accents and lamps to finish the look.

So stay tuned and I will update the progress as we count down to delivery in May 2013.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Grand Opening!

We are so excited to be announcing our Grand Opening today! Grey Vintage Style is my blog in which I hope to discuss with you urban farmhouse decor, unique vintage finds, Pinterest inspiration, unique projects I am doing, and just daily life. As a mother of soon to be 4 children (we are expecting a little boy in May), I know there are others of you whom need inspiration and an outlet to flex your creativity muscles. So I hope you will join me in my weekly blog posts and adventures.
Some of the vintage finds my husband and I discover locally are placed for sale on Etsy. You may use the button on this blog or search for GreyVintageStyles under Etsy Shop Name.  Also, make sure to follow on Facebook or email!


Here are a few vintage finds available on Etsy at GreyVintageStyle...