Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Old Rink Emporium

I have an eclectic group of  pieces I am working on at the moment! I have two dressers, a vanity, and two accent chairs all in the works. I am still on the search for a mirror to go with the vanity. The problem is I am having too much fun mixing paints, starting one piece and then starting another before I am finished with the first one....etc! Focusing on one thing is always a struggle for me.  So because I know this about myself, I have set a deadline in which these pieces will be ready in February. Now, I know what you are thinking as I have given myself the 28 days of February to finish this task and this is a rather broad deadline. However for me, this is a short period of time for my creative brain to put it all together and makes me certain I will have them finished!

The great news is Grey Vintage Style pieces will be available to purchase from my home as well as The Old Rink Emporium in Lewisburg, Tennessee!  We can't wait and I thank my friend Sherri for the opportunity.

Have a fabulous evening!



 Inspiration from Pinterest

Vintage Painted Furniture I see these on Craigslist for free all the time.
From The Painted Cottage

The Painted Cottage, Vintage Painted Furniture

bad rabbit vintage - painted furniture with attitude : Annie Sloan, where are youuuu?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Welcome back!

As most of you know who follow us on Facebook, I am creating my own space in our master bedroom. Husband is being very gracious by letting me do this as, of course he will now have less space. However, he has the entire garage right? He does share his space though when I borrow a corner to paint a piece of furniture . So.... I finally found the perfect vanity from a dear friend in the business, Cindy Sullivan at Vintage Loved. Happy dance!  Now I am searching Pinterest for inspiration each day hoping to gain an idea for perfect look for my own creation. 

I am going to do my best to blog more in 2014. As most of you know, I had a baby in April which has consumed my time as well as our other 3 children . Yes, that's right we have 4 children.......they are amazing! Also, we are hoping to be able to start an online vintage style boutique as well which will carry funky retro inspired accessories, jewelry, and boutique clothing size L and up for we ladies who look like Sophia Loren, not Kate Moss.

We wish you all the best for a happy and fabulous 2014! 

All the best,


My new vanity! Thank you Cindy .

Inspiration from Pinterest

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weekly Pinterest favorites........................

What a busy week we have had!  I wanted to give you a few pins I found inspiring this week.  Hope everyone has a blessed Easter:)


I love vintage typewriters!

I really would like a stack of these in the house.

As you know, old china and dishes are my favorite to collect.

Simply divine peonies...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Graphics Fairy Tuesday......

I found these "Instant Art" ideas on The Graphic Fairy Blog. I absolutely love all her blog has to offer. The best part is it is free. She has so many different genres to chose from. Here are some of my favorites I found today.

Marti :)

Butterfly Printable Moths Vintage Prints Royalty Free French

All images may be found on The Graphics Fairy Blog. Click the button on my blog page to connect.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Caroline Grace has a new room........................

I finally tackled painting a dresser I have been wanting to refinish for years. The dresser is a pre-depression piece of my grandfather's.  My daughter Gracie has a sweet room perfect for an 8 year old with the traditional yellow and blue Laura Ashley floral. It is classic, so she can grow with the decor, but the plain dresser needed some spunk and updating. 

Let the fun begin with paint..........

I searched for awhile for the perfect yellow. As most of you know, yellow can be hard and I didn't want her to have a Big Bird yellow dresser. So after using the Valspar App I discovered Homestead Resort Tea Room Yellow. Let me say I am absolutely in love with this color and so do most of my followers. I have been asked by everyone what color I used. The drawer color is something I mixed myself, but it was perfect for the look I was going for. I left the hardware as is due to the fabulous patina and they were just too pretty to paint over. I also painted a matching end table which belonged to our children's godparent's mother.  It also is from the same era.  The top of the end table swivels which gives 2 completely different looks. What do you think?

Marti :)

My "go to" Websters Chalk Paint Powder purchased locally at Vintage 615 in Spring Hill, TN



I am sorry I do not have a before photo, I know....bad blogger :) This look I added a stencil as well.

All photos property of Grey Vintage Style.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Are you ready for Spring?

Hello Friday!

The sun is shining on this gorgeous day here in Nashville and I am so ready to work on the garden. Due to the weather though, I have brought Spring indoors to my family. I have put together several groupings of botanical art I stumbled upon on The Graphics Fairy Website. She has an amazing collection all free of genre after genre ready to be used for you to create. If you have not explored what  Karen aka "The Graphics Fairy" has put together, please go straight to her site and check it out. You will be amazed with all you can create. Here is a sample of a few I have used in our home.  Have a fabulous day!


Photos courtesy of The Graphics Fairy. Click on the button on my page and search under botanicals.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Whirlwind Weekends............

Whirlwind weekends............

I want to apologize for not writing the past few weeks. We have had projects galore getting the nursery ready and then we had a weekend family trip, so my blog was put on the back burner temporarily.  I have been busy though with pages and pages of ideas for our home, planning the nursery, employing the Mr. to help me, and prioritizing which projects are most important.

I admit, I keep getting distracted and need to focus on the nursery.  So we did just that this weekend. Painting of the crib is almost finished.  The color we went with is Cracked Pepper by Behr.  It was suggested by my friend Cindy Sullivan of Vintage Loved. It is amazing gray! I also toned down an old brass mirror in this for over his dresser with the cracked pepper.  It looks great. Then I raided my Dad's wood supply and found perfect pieces he had already pre-cut to use to make distressed signs with cool surfer lingo for one wall......"shoot the curl", "hang ten", "surfer dude", etc.  I am excited about this and hopefully will get the signs done next weekend.

I also finished the cute little cabinet I had posted earlier which will be perfect for his Lego storage and Matchbox cars. The rocking chair was given to me by my parents on my first birthday. I will post more pictures as it comes together. Here is a preview...............

Just a few finished items...........more to come:)