Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Old Rink Emporium

I have an eclectic group of  pieces I am working on at the moment! I have two dressers, a vanity, and two accent chairs all in the works. I am still on the search for a mirror to go with the vanity. The problem is I am having too much fun mixing paints, starting one piece and then starting another before I am finished with the first one....etc! Focusing on one thing is always a struggle for me.  So because I know this about myself, I have set a deadline in which these pieces will be ready in February. Now, I know what you are thinking as I have given myself the 28 days of February to finish this task and this is a rather broad deadline. However for me, this is a short period of time for my creative brain to put it all together and makes me certain I will have them finished!

The great news is Grey Vintage Style pieces will be available to purchase from my home as well as The Old Rink Emporium in Lewisburg, Tennessee!  We can't wait and I thank my friend Sherri for the opportunity.

Have a fabulous evening!



 Inspiration from Pinterest

Vintage Painted Furniture I see these on Craigslist for free all the time.
From The Painted Cottage

The Painted Cottage, Vintage Painted Furniture

bad rabbit vintage - painted furniture with attitude : Annie Sloan, where are youuuu?

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