Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Grey's Room

The Mr. and I are currently working on our baby boy's room, which is who this blog is named after....Grey:). We have chosen to go with a bright surfer style motif,  which we are really excited about.  I am originally from San Diego, California and my husband has loved The Beach Boys and all things California since he was a little boy.

This being said, this is what we have come up with so far. We have found several of our finds at a little store here in Tennessee called 2Storeys Antiques. This has become one of our favorite little shops and the store just makes us happy when we go. The owners are very helpful and kind and Mr and Mrs. Storey have become mentors of mine.

Our first purchase for the nursery was this lovely dresser which was distressed. The Mr. and I immediately fell in love with this piece.  It is the perfect shade of blue in which we both had in mind. It also can be used for a changing table. I am not a fan of changing tables as they usually are unattractive and one does not get much use for them after the baby is grown. We wanted a unique room for this special little boy.

Next we found the perfect bedding online at called Little Surfer Sunshine. It has the perfect colors of aqua, orange, gray, and pear yellow.

We have three more pieces on our list to finish. One is a rocking chair my father gave me years ago.  It was outside for awhile, so we have to refinish it. Second is our daughter's crib which is a natural shade, so we are going to paint it as this is not my style at all. Finally, we found a little cute side table in which little Grey will be able to keep all his little trucks and toys in. We have to repaint that as well and probably will use the same color as the dresser.

To do pieces....


We are also searching for the perfect accents and lamps to finish the look.

So stay tuned and I will update the progress as we count down to delivery in May 2013.


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