Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday fun......

Today the Mr, and I did many projects, but the one I want to share with you this evening is that of repurposing the kitchen dining room chairs. Due to the snow this morning, we turned our living room into our studio so we wouldn't freeze in the garage.  I also finished a piece for Grey's room, changed the mantle decor, and husband is painting the crib as I type:).

The chairs were an old oak finish which had been heavily worn and had old latex paint drippings on them. Because of this, we did have to sand all the paint spots off of them in which someone had carelessly left.  Then we were able to go to town painting.  I am not a fan of oak finish, but it is easy to update and paint.

I absolutely love our kitchen table as it handles the heavy traffic and kid goo of a large family very well:). I purchased it from a high school friend who also repurposes furniture.  She found it at an estate sale here locally.  I also like that it is on wheels and large enough to add more chairs when needed. We are excited with the result and fresh, clean look. What do you think?


Marti :)

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