Saturday, January 19, 2013

Painted Mason Jars

As most of my followers know, I love mason jars and their simplicity. They are very versatile and easy. Also, if one gets broken or knocked over by the children, big deal. They are so inexpensive to replace and that gives me an excuse to try something new with them :).

For this project, I "borrowed" three mason jars from my husband's case of canning jars.  Shhhhh... :).  I then simply flipped them over and pulled out the spray paint. I prefer to use the Rustoleum as it seems to cover better.  The color I happen to have on hand was Heirloom White.


I applied the first coat just to get a good base because if you spray too much it drips. If this happens take a paint brush and blend it out. Make sure you turn them upside when you paint so the paint drips down the jar as it drys

 Then I applied two more coats. Let dry between coats so you can see where you need to add more.

Then I like to finish them off with some twine or jute wrapped around them to complete the look.  They are then ready to put your goodies in them, such as fresh flowers and or even alone to decorate.  I even use mason jars in the middle of the kitchen table for napkins, so if the children need more they can just grab one.    





  1. Thank you so much. The flowers turned out really well. Thank you for following! :)